Brain Cancer


Brain cancer is one of the few deadly cancers in the world. It can be caused by a number of reasons, like excessive heat, pesticides in the home during pregnancy, and also radiation. Most of the time, it can be treated by using drugs, or surgery or even having it surgically removed. scientists are still trying to discover quicker and more efficent ways to prematntly remove cancerous cells from the body of the patient.

Risk of Cancer in Children and Infants

Risk of cancer starts in the womb. Exposure from radiation or infection can cause abnormal cell growth. It could also develop from underdeveloped cancer sells that are influenced by proteins in the brain. It's been showed that the larger an infants head at birth, the larger the risk for cancer. Babies that are premature, overdue, underweight, ooverweight are ruled out from this situation. Children whose heads are large due to medical problems were also excluded. Future off-spring exposed to excessive heat may also result in the risk of brain cancer.


Children born to older mothers have a higher risk of getting brain cancer . Studies have been showed that women who had children before the age of 20 have a sort of protection against the risk. The probabilty the children are affected is decreased to a certain percent. It's also been noted that use of a hottub, suana, or bath that is warmer than usual, causes the risk of brain cancer to appear. The cancer, meningiomas, is shown to occur more in women than in men, as the studies also show.

Effects From Tumors

If the tumor grows and continues to get bigger it could spread to the tissue lining the brain and spinal cord causing blindness, paralysis, and seizores. In some cases, using surgery to remove the tumor is too risky. the university of Southern California School of Medicine in Los Angelus have proof that the pill called mifepristone is effective in fighting some brain tumors. Side effects caused by the pill include fatique, hot flashes, thinning of the hair, and rash.
Image of the Brain. Blue area on surface = the cancer.
Image of the Brain. Blue area on surface = the cancer.


A tumor is a mass of abnormal cells. These cells are abnormal because of certain conditions that allowed it to grow too large and divide too frequantly. The tumor, once created, can spread to more than one area of the body. Removing it can be difficult because certain areas of the body are inaccessible.
-----Brain cancer is an infection of the brain caused by a number of reasons found usually in a child after a women delivers the baby.

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