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The exact causes of ovarian cancer are hard to pin point. Inherited damage to DNA can cause the development of abnormal cells. Ovarian cancer occurs when the abnormal cells reproduce too fast and the body is unable to repair them. When these cells move to a woman's ovaries, ovarian cancer begins to form..

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Adam.About.com. Web. 6 Nov. 2009.

Using Surgery to Fight Ovarian Cancer

One option is surgery. Oophorectomy is a type surgery that removes the ovaries. It eliminates targeted tissues. Although, this major surgery stops the production of estrogen, so the patient has a greater risk of heart disease and bone thinning.

Ways to Use Chemotherapy Against Ovarian Cancer
Chemotherapy can be very effective. The survival of women with ovarian cancer is improved when chemotherapy is delivered directly to the abdomen. To insert the drug into the abdomen, doctors use a catheter. Women who get chemotherapy can have nerve and heart problems.

Reduce the Risk

Women who give birth have some protection against ovarian cancer. A study suggests the later in life the last pregnancy is, the more protection a woman has. Women who have given full term births are one third as likely to get ovarian cancer opposed to women who have never had a baby. The fewer lifetime ovulations a woman has, the lower the risk of ovarian cancer.

Monitoring and Tracking

The ovarian cancer fatality rate is due to the difficulty of detecting the disease. A blood test may soon improve the ability to follow the disease's course. The blood test reports of a protein called CA 125. This protein of the blood is an indicator of ovarian cancer. When a tumor is in the body, the level of CA 125 increases. This test can find new tumors before imaging techniques.

Now that you know more about ovarian cancer, you can educate yourself and other people on all the facts we've just presented so you can stay safe and healthy.


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